Christmas Outreach Honduras 2019

I am so happy to announce that our next outreach to Honduras will be December 9th - 16th! This outreach will be "Christmas" in nature, as we will minister in a very special way to the folks in Honduras; especially the children! God put in my heart a few years ago to do something special for the children in Honduras at Christmas time.

As many of you know, Harvest Celebration Ministries offers sponsorships of needy children in Honduras. Each sponsorship (only $25 per month) provides school supplies, school clothes, loads of supplies, food, and a special gift at Christmas. All the mentioned items are provided monthly with the exception of the Christmas gift.

This Christmas will be different. I want a team to be there to help present these gifts, and to help with a very special Christmas presentation. We will spend a whole day in a village from which many of our chidren are sponsored. Besides the sponsored children, we always gather other children from the entire village to spend a wonderful Jesus-filled day with us! During this event we will teach the children what Christmas is truly all about - the virgin birth of Jesus, our Savior! We play, pray, teach the Bible, eat some great food, bust a couple of pinatas, and present the Christmas gifts!

So what happens during the rest of our time in Honduras? Great question. We visit the homes of many of the local people. Our visits consist of great fellowship and prayer with ministry. We always see the Holy Spirit move in powerful ways during the home visits. We once saw a 92 year old woman get healed of cancer!

We will also minister in various churches in the city of Tegucigalpa. Our primary church is Iglesia Bautisa Filadelfia pastored by Pastor Manfredy Zelaya. This year I want to have a special Christmas luncheon or dinner for some of the local pastors we have visited in the past. In addition, we will take some time to see some of the local sights in the Tegucigalpa area.

If you would like to make a special donation through HCM to this special Christmas outreach, please click the following link: All donations are made through PayPal and are secure.

I also ask you to pray for this special outreach. Your prayers are what make the difference.

God may be speaking to you to make a special sacrifice for the people of Honduras by going on this trip at this busy time of year. Believe me, the sacrifice will be well worth it as it touches the lives and hearts of people who are much less fortunate than us. The rewards will be infinite! If interested in being a part of our team to Honduras please e-mail me for more information: Thanks so much for your consideration.

Steve Hutto