Summary of Honduras 2019 February 18th - 25th

Here is a summary of Harvest Celebration Ministry's latest outreach to Honduras:

First I want to thank everyone who supported the outreach with finances. Your support made it possible for many lives to be changed forever! May God abundantly bless you for your generosity! And thank you for sharing in the vision God has tailored for the nation of Honduras! I also want to thank everyone who diligently prayed for HCM's outreach to Honduras. It wouldn't have been possible without your prayer support!

Our team consisted of 4 people: Alexis Hutto, Max Joseph, Josh Sugden, and myself. The 4 of us represented 3 States: South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. We met in the Atlanta airport on Monday morning, February 18th, and departed for Honduras.

Day 1 (Mon.): We arrived safely to Honduras. Settled into the Hotel, got a good Honduran meal at a nearby restaurant, and headed back to the Hotel. We spent the first evening praying and preparing for the week ahead. A small group from Iglesia Bautista Filidelfia church joined us. Monday evening was one of the most powerful evenings of the week as the Holy Spirit was extremely powerful in our midst. Our team became vessels through which Holy Spirit moved. And of course, we were powerfully ministered to as well!

Day 2 (Tues.): This was a very special day as we spent most of the afternoon visiting homes. Holy Spirit again was very present as we prayed and ministered to those in need. It's amazing what a blessing it is simply to visit the homes of folks in a different culture. This opened the doors for us to minister on a personal basis. Josh (a team member) had some powerful words (in prayer) that ministered straight to the heart of several people. The Honduran people are very hospital, and they are extremely honored to have us in their homes.

In the evening we met with the IBF praise and worship team. I had the opportunity to minister on the subject of praise and worship, and the responsibilities of being worship leaders.  I also touched on the idea of making a place for the presence of God. After the teaching we gathered the team on the platform to put in to action what we discussed. These young folks are incredibly hungry and willing to learn all they can about the ministry they are called to. It was so refreshing for us all!

Day 3 (Wed.):

On Wednesday we rested a bit in the morning and prepared for the Wednesday evening prayer meeting. In the afternoon we visited Valle de Angeles (Valley of Angels) and had some of the best coffee ever! This is a great place to purchase souvenirs! We arrived at the church a bit early to prepare for the prayer meeting. During the prayer meeting I shared briefly about the power of prayer. Immediately after the folks wanted us to pray for them. Everyone in the building came forward for prayer for specific needs. Again, we saw Holy Spirit move in our midst. He changed lives!

Day 4 (Thurs.): 

We started off day 4 with a ride up to El Picacho. El Picacho is a mountain overlooking the city. There is a park there in which is a very large statue of Jesus, overlooking Tegucigalpa. It's a very beautiful place. Josh (our photographer and videographer) got some great shots (as you can see), as well as the rest of the team. It's great exercise and a tremendous blessing to visit El Picacho! It was short though, because one of our main missions for the day was to minister to a whole bunch of school students!

We actually did 3 assemblies between Thursday and Friday. The team was able to share from the Word, and simply share the love of Jesus with them. Practically every one of them wanted to receive Jesus into their hearts!

Thursday evening we drove clear across Tegucigalpa to minister at Pastor Alfonso's church. It took quite awhile because of the traffic caused by new construction projects on the roads. Along with us was IBF's worship team and some of it's members. I ministered on how Jesus came to the earth, and how His very conception in the Virgin Mary established who and what He was. He is the ONLY begotten Son of God, and He is the ONLY way to the Father! Through the message, God opened the door for me to minister to Pastor

Alfonso (the church's Pastor). By the way, he is an awesome man of God! It's always such a privilege to minister at his church! By the way, he is an awesome man of God! It is always such a privilege to minister at his church! Holy Spirit moved mightily among the precious people.

Day 5 (Fri.): On Friday we did two more school assembly sessions. There is never a dull moment when you are ministering to kids! They loved it! We loved it! It was a great experience for our team as it helped us prepare for what was coming on Saturday...the kids of Concordia!

In the evening on Friday we were back at IBF. We held an evangelistic service. The praise and worship was anointed and very powerful. It made it very easy for me to share my personal testimony.  Afterward, the team and I ministered in prayer to several people. The gifts of the Spirit were in operation, especially words of wisdom and knowledge. Healing was also present.

Day 6 (Sat.): On Saturday set out for Concordia. Concordia is a small village about 3 hours out of the city of Tegucigalpa. The outreach to the children of Concordia is one of the highlights of our outreach to Honduras. There was a church-full of kids (along with some parents) waiting patiently for us

when we arrived! Here we hang out with the kids, teach a Bible class, destroy a couple of pinatas, serve a hot meal to the folks, and play some games with the kids. Over the past 12 years I have watched the kids grow up, and new kids show up every year!

HCM offers sponsorships for needy kids for $25 per month. We interview and carefully select which kids need to be sponsored. Each monthly sponsorship provides school supplies, school clothes, shoes, food, and a gift at Christmas time. This year during our outreach to Concordia, we selected 10 more kids to be sponsored! While in Concordia take photos of each child. What a blessing to be involved in this ministry!! We finished in Concordia and headed back to Tegucigalpa for a very special praise and worship service at IBF led by the IBF worship team.

The Saturday evening praise and worship service was incredible. Pastor Manfredy (IBF's Pastor) shared his testimony. It was very powerful! In every gathering Holy Spirit was extremely present!

Day 7 (Sun.): We rose a little earlier on Sunday to prepare for the Sunday morning service. During the service, the youth of the church met in a separate room. 3 members of our team met with the youth and shared encouraging words from God's heart. They were well received! In the adult service I ministered on the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. It too was well received.

Our last meeting (Sunday evening) was back at Iglesia Bautista Filidelfia for a leadership meeting. What an awesome opportunity to share with leadership. I spoke on growing to maturity in Christ from Mark Chapter 4. (The Seeds and the Sower.) Just as a seed must grow to maturity to bear fruit, so must the Word of God in us bring us to maturity. The #1 purpose for Christians is that we grow up in Christ. Only then can we fulfill our individual callings in Christ. After church we fellowshipped and eventually said our good byes.

Day 8 (Mon.) We packed up, loaded up, and headed back to the airport for our trek back to our respective locations. What an incredible, life-changing opportunity this was! And thanks again for ALL of your prayer and financial support! Looking forward to the next one!

God bless!
Steve Hutto

Unity Is Your Choice!

There is incredible power in unity. When 2 or more folks can agree on any issue, they can press through any opposition to their oneness on that particular issue. And when enough people agree on a particular issue, it becomes a mind-set, even a strong-hold. This can be positive (Godly), or negative (evil).

Many sports teams are loaded with great talent. But they don't become potential champions until the majority buys-in to the belief they can actually win any game or match. This has everything to do with good coaching. I remember several years ago a new coach came to my favorite college football team. He kept saying in his arrival speech, we all have to buy-in to the truth that we can and will win most of our games. His greatest task was convincing a team that had two years of mostly losses that they can win any game. It took just a little bit of time, but at the end of his very first year they played again in a bowl game. In this case unity brought success.

Another good example of unity is found in Genesis 11. This is an example of unity working in a negative way. After the flood had destroyed the earth, people began to multiply again. They multiplied and moved east to the land of Shinar. Since they all spoke the same language they planned to build for themselves a city (Babel) whose tower would reach into heaven. God said something interesting about the people of Babel. "The LORD said, "Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them." (Genesis 11: 6) Because of their unity, God referred to them as "one people".

God came down and confused their language in order to stop this attempt. The reason of course, was so different nations would be formed, causing humanity to spread out over all the earth. The heart of God's plan to abate their oneness was confusion. Confusion is just one way to destroy unity. In this case, it is obvious that Babel's plan was not God's plan. So in view of the bigger picture, God had to intervene.

But notice that God said, "...nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them." He said that people in unity can perform the impossible, even in a negative sense. So we see in this example from Genesis 11 that unity is a powerful force!

The most powerful of any type of unity exists among those who follow after Christ. This type of unity invokes the supernatural. Mountains move! Roadways are made. Plans of the enemy are thwarted. The impossible becomes possible, because the natural becomes supernatural. Jesus said of unity, "Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." (Matthew 18: 19-20) Unity among believers involves Jesus, the King Himself!

Many believers don't understand the power of unity. Why is this? Because Jesus is not the very center of their lives. Here is another way to put it: They are self-centered. Their personal agenda (even in serving God) transcends God's agenda. Unity cannot be found in self-centeredness. Self-centeredness is a killer of unity. "It's my way or the highway!" Anything that destroys unity is divisive.

Jesus Himself said, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand." (Matthew 12: 25) Any mature Christian who has laid aside their personal agenda in lieu of God's understands this. The problem is that so many don't understand this. The ways of the world have formed their personal agendas. By being conformed to this world (instead of being transformed, see Romans 12: 1-2), believers are becoming vehemently divided by their personal political views. Never before in my life (which is a few years long) have I seen such division in our nation over politics! And even worse politics has divided the body of Christ!

Listen, listen, listen! There is a way to restore unity to the body of Christ and thus see the kingdom of God rapidly spread over all the face of the earth. The same will obliterate the enemy's existence to divide and destroy. This method will also restore unity to your family, and save your marriage. The Apostle Paul couldn't have said it better. "For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." (1 Corinthians 1: 2) Jesus is the solution to division and disunity. No one or nothing else! If you believe that Jesus Christ was crucified to destroy our sins, and I believe that Jesus Christ was crucified to destroy our sins, that is enough! We are brother and sisters, purchased by the same blood of the Lamb. When all is said and done, at the end of the age, all that will matter is...did you believe that Jesus Christ was crucified for your sins and my sins? Our religious differences won't matter. Our political differences won't matter. Our theological divisions won't matter. There is enough power in the above fact to change the world, heal our land, heal your family and see your loved ones saved! Yes it is!

There is infinite, life-changing power within the unity among those who believe in and follow after Jesus. As I mentioned early on, confusion will bring about disunity. But it works the same way on the enemy. When believers agree to walk in unity, it brings confusion to the enemy. Get in agreement with the salvation your brother and your sister walks in. Watch the enemy divide and fall as a result of it. Commit with me to make the basis of our agreement the cross of Jesus Christ! Nothing else first. Not religion, not sports, not theology, not History, and certainly not politics. Let's be determined, like Paul. The other things of this world won't matter when we stand in the presence of King Jesus.

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Steve Hutto